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SDM Northcoast is your reliable source of dental products market research information.

SDM is the only dental research company specifically dedicated to providing reliable and accurate market research services for a myriad of manufacturers and product brands in key dental markets. Our extensive report options and custom services will provide you with the tools needed to make informed, timely decisions in developing and selling dental products to the US dental market. 

Market research designed to guide the product and marketing strategies of our clients.

Our basic objective is to help our clients understand the needs and purchasing decisions of dentists, their primary customers. We accomplish this through various marketing research vehicles. Our DPMSS market share reports provide sales and share trend information for thousands of products sold in the US.  We also design custom studies to explore proprietary areas of interest for dental manufacturers and distributors. An unquestionably clear understanding of the dentists’ product needs, services, and the factors that drive their purchasing decisions is essential for successful marketing strategies in today's dental industry. SDM is committed to maintaining the highest standards of research excellence in helping our clients to achieve an enhanced understanding of the dentists who rely on their products. 

Providing you with timely, accurate information:

The SDM system for collecting and processing data has been carefully constructed to provide research products that are unquestionable for their accuracy and usefulness. Plus our research expertise and unique insight into our serviced dental industries make us the best source for Custom Research Services, including web surveys, one-on-ones, and focus groups. 

SDM provides quality data for the following purposes:


Forecast sales and market share for the brands you sell and accurately measure product category size for new products you will support.

  • Establish marketing/sales/distribution strategies according to sales trends for competing products.
  • Know what your competition is doing and how it relates to your performance.
  • Compare your company's sales figures and share of market with cumulative industry figures.
  • Analyze market share trends in product sales and category sales.
  • Analyze performance, value and trends of private label brands.
  • Track new product introductions.
  • Identify emerging markets.
  • Analyze trends in pricing and margins.
  • Measure response to promotional programs.


  • Assess product/market sales potential.
  • Establish performance standards and set relevant goals for your sales force.
  • Track performance by sales territories.
  • Analyze sales promotions by product or market area.
  • Establish accurate sales forecasts and quotas.


  • Understand the revenue potential of a product/market.
  • Analyze gross profit.
  • Analyze trends in pricing.
  • Forecast margins for new products and new markets.
  • Formulate pricing strategies.


  • Guide research and new business development.
  • Assess changes in products and markets.
  • Identify and evaluate emerging technologies.
  • Identify opportunities against leading competitive brands.
  • Determine the most important opportunities for private label products.


  • Identify leading brands to carry and promote.
  • Evaluate inventory against leading products.
  • Determine areas of strengths and weaknesses in developing products/markets in line with national levels.
  • Analyze true retail pricing.
  • Evaluate sales force productivity.
  • Evaluate the performance and potential of private label brands.