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DPMSS (Dental Products Market Share Study) Reports

The Dental Products Market Share Study (DPMSS) is SDM's “power tool” for the dental industry. It is the only precise measure available of the relative market position of products used by dentists. Currently we track all merchandise and most laboratory products sold through dealer distribution. Large equipment is not yet part of our database.

DPMSS provides accurate and timely manufacturer, product brand, product category and market share data to:

  • Evaluate the performance of your products versus the competition.
  • Measure the relative monetary sales of specific brands and product categories.
  • Interpret changes in various dental products markets.
  • Gauge performance in specific markets.
  • Assess regional differences in product performance.
  • Manage sales forces.
  • Allocate resources efficiently.
  • Improve market share.
  • Guide research and new business development.

DPMSS Questions and Answers

Sample Report

Using SDM Data


SDM collects data each month from more than 90% of dental dealer sales volume throughout the US. The dental dealers' reporting represents a statistically significant sample size allowing for dependable representation of the dental marketplace.

The SDM methodology is consistent with other industries that provide accurate market share and sales information. In fact, SDM provides the largest sample of any industry that collects distributor sales data.

The compilation of our reports starts with the acquisition of actual out-the-door retail sales data each month from participating dental dealers. The sales are then processed to ensure that all sales are correctly categorized by manufacturer, brand and item number.

A standard unit of measure is identified for each category and sales are expressed by both units and value.

Charts are generated reflecting actual dealer sales to dentists from the dealers in our sample for the reported country, as well as a number of geographic regions.

Unit definitions, as well as the product category assignments have been developed with the assistance of many dental industry experts at manufacturers and dental dealers. An average unit price is also calculated for each product reflecting the actual "out-the-door" price to the dentist, including any dealer discounts.

DPMSS sales charts and tables produced reflect only sales of dental products generated through dental dealers. Direct sales to dentists by manufacturers are not included in DPMSS. All dealer sales are allocated to one of the eight geographic regions, and we have included a chart identifying the standard DPMSS regions by state.

Some of the dealers represented in the DPMSS sample sell products under their own label. In order to preserve confidentiality for participating dealers, all such sales have been grouped and categorized under the name "Private Label."